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Montecristo Puritos Cigars - One Pack of 5 Cigars

Montecristo Puritos Cigars - One Pack of 5 Cigars

One Pack of 5 Montecristo Puritos Cigars
Length: 105mm
Guage: 26
Flavour: Med-Full
Cellophane Wrapped Box
No Humidor Required

Five individually wrapped, machine Rolled Cuban Cigars. No Cutter Needed.

The Montecristo Cuban Puritos are often used for a quick smoke when there isn’t time for a full size Hand Rolled Cuban Cigar.
They offer more flavour than other machine made cigars of the same size as they are made from the same Cuban tobacco as the world famous hand rolled Cuban Cigars from Havana.

All Cuban Miniature cigars are made from 100% tobacco leaf and you will not experience any chemical tastes as found in a cigarettes or cheaper mass manufactured cigars.
The Montecristo Purito is made solely from good quality Cuban Tobacco.

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