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Cohiba Siglo II Cigar - in packs of 5's

Cohiba Siglo II Cigar  -  in packs of 5's

Length: 5" (129mm)
Ring Gauge: 42 ring gauge
Packaging: 5 Packs

There are many different sizes and two distinct blends in the Cohiba range, the original range consisting of the Esplendidos, Robusto and smaller vitolas (sizes).
The second range was brought out to commemorate the 500 years since Columbus discovered tobacco in 1492, the range consisted of 5 sizes to commemorate each century;
Siglo I, II, III IV, V
(Siglo being the Spanish for century)
The siglo II is by far the most popular and is typical of the siglo range slightly milder and smoother than the origial Cohiba robustos etc.

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