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Beginners Cigar Sampling Box - 7 Cigars

Beginners Cigar Sampling Box - 7 Cigars

Seven assorted cigars with the new cigar smoker in mind. Four hand made and three machine made cigars to give a range from a quick coffee break style cigar to the longer lasting hand made varieties with a free cigar cutter and gift boxed .

The selection has cigars that take from 15 to 40 minutes to enjoy and include one each of the following;
One Jose Piedra Cazadores - hand made in Cuba. Six inches by 43 ring Guage
One Conquistador Tres Petit Corona - hand made Nicaraga. 4 inches by 42 Ring Gauge
One Juliany Slim Corona Especial - hand made in Nicaragua.
One La Invicta Panatella Nicaraguan Blend - hand made in Nicaragua.
One Villiger No7 Half Corona - Switzerland.
One Principe Chico, Vanilla Flavour - Dominican Republic.
One Guantanamera Minuto - Cuba.

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